Commercial refrigeration is imperative for any food service business and can create extreme difficulties when it breaks down. While no refrigeration unit will last forever, we at GNS Heating and Cooling, of Willcox, AZ, offer premier commercial refrigeration repair and maintenance services that will greatly extend the life of your refrigerator and save you a ton of money in the long run.

The most overlooked commercial refrigeration maintenance approach is simply cleaning the unit. Our team will ensure that all of the mechanical parts in your commercial refrigerator are clean, such as the condenser coil, fan blades and motor, and the interior. Additionally, scheduling routine maintenance services is essential.

Most commercial refrigeration manufacturers utilize routine maintenance programs in which you can register and have the unit evaluated by one of our trained professionals. Our maintenance techs can pinpoint and correct any potential issues before they result in expensive repairs. Another thing we will look at is the door gasket for a proper seal. This simple yet important detail can save a ton of money on energy bills and can add longevity to your commercial refrigerator.

Hiring one of our maintenance technicians at is an effective way to identify potential problems before they become worse. However, sometimes things can just go wrong and that is why there are professionals like us to fix it. In any case, the best place to get expert repair services is with our premier team at GNS Heating and Cooling. Give us a call and extend the longevity of your commercial refrigeration while saving money down the road!